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Cinemagraph App For Windows Phone

The cinemagraph app or rather the windows version of cinemagram is a software that makes a modern version of the animated GIF. I have yet to see it function in the way that I would like to think it should. Maybe I am choosing the wrong subjects. As of this writing I have attempted my dog panting and my husband flipping through a book. Both instances masked odd areas and gave a disjointed feel to the subject. My dog’s ears “magically” disconnected from her head. It looks odd and nowhere near as cool as the retro GIFs. Maybe this is an effect of the software and looks better if you can use cinemagram. The concept of this app is to capture both a still and video. Then it combines the two and masks a portion of the image so that only part of it moves. Cool until the dog’s ears disconnect from her head. But also, in a way cheesy. Have you seen those lighted pictures in the Chinese restaurants? The ones where the water is the only thing that moves? That’s what I think of when I try to make these. So far I’m not impressed and would rather craft them the old fashioned way.

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