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Raw Footage

I guess instead of silly little reviews I’m going to talk about my method for once. I often get questions about handing over raw footage the day of the event. I don’t like to do it. In fact I know very few who do. A finished product takes many man hours on top of many computer hours to create. This product consists of audio and color corrections that give a more finished feel to the video. I also like to use no less than two cameras and off camera sound. The bit of syncing that goes into each takes a professional editor to achieve. Now, why, you ask, would any one use off camera sound? I have multiple reasons, the most simple being an archival principle of multiple copies. By adding audio into my camera I am negating a potential backup and adding more variables to go wrong. I also like separating the mic from the camera. This means no camera noise, no cords to the camera. Just a mic and a recorder separate from the camera and possibly closer to the subject. As for the two camera setup. I love it. I feel that you get more coverage from more angles. The meshing of all of these materials takes a good editing software and a trained professional to make it all work. So, when hiring a professional videographer you should expect them to use all the skills available to create a professional product for you. Keep in mind that the workflow needed for that product does not lend itself to the idea of supplying raw footage to the client.

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