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Video Production

Nicolettecinemagraphics can provide tailored video production services to fit any project. We can work with you to produce short video pieces for social media, document special events, create teaching and training videos, or support the production of artistic, documentary, and narrative films.

Film and Video Production

Over the past several years we have helped clients big and small create audio visual projects spanning an array of topics. In the past few years we have worked with local communities to produce documentary and narrative films, create educational learning opportunities for adults and children, and develop creative moving image works for commercial displays.

Post Production

Nicolettecinemagraphics has over 15 years of experience providing post production services for the Central Ohio area. Maybe your projects needs an opening graphic, lower third titles, color grading, audio and video syncing and processing, or someone who can edit your project. If so, our team can support you using a wide range of tools.

Event Videography

What makes your even special? You! We like to get to know a little bit about you so that we can customize your event video to fit your personality and theme. Our approach to event videography is simple: it is your day, not ours. We try to capture as much as possible for you without making your event a major film production. Typically, our videography packages consist of various amounts of operated and non-operated cameras strategically placed to capture all your special moments.

Video for Web and Live Streaming

No matter if you want to record your video yourself, work with us to produce your video, or need assistance with creating live streaming video broadcast; contact us to discuss the ways we can help you start creating videos for youtube, facebook, instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, or to post on a website.