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New Phone Blues

I am posting for the first time from my phone. Up until now I have found it counterintuitive to post from my phone. You see, I tend to pride myself on not being completely in step with the rest of the first world. While everyone was getting iPhones I was drooling over the Palm Pre. It was quite the little phone too. Alas, HP nixed its splendor and I was left with a new decision. The iPhone is still out. I’m an artist I’m supposed to be a free thinker. If we all join the same cult we’re doomed. Besides, I place functionality above beauty. The Droid was my runner up. The hip and trendy device for those too cool for an ianything. Again not my style. If I were a true underdog picker I’d choose blackberry. But they’re for a different set of people and their fan base has all but jumped ship for the itrend. That left me with one very different solution. I think I’ll call it the ifighter. The windows phone with all of its accessibility features won me over.
Now why am I writing about a phone on a video blog? I know that an idevice has been used to make video that showed places. So I’m sure that I could use my windows phone if I wanted, but I am more interested in it as a business device for social networking, expense tracking, email – all my business on the go needs. And really, most importantly, a phone. Over the next few months I will discuss this phone in more detail.

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