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Frondeur – Interactive Technology Driven Painting Installation

On Saturday July 28th at Pennington Custom Art Services in Columbus, Ohio an interactive installation, Frondeur, featuring my new body of work took place to create a painting over an eight hour period featuring my new painting assistant A.R.T. (Artistic Robotic Tool).

The installation features 7 medical bags suspended from the ceiling – each contain a single color of paint; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet – a 6′ x 6′ canvas wrapped in foil refugee blankets – 5 weighted letters: T, R, U, M, P – shuffle board poles in a gulf bag for audience participation – and A.R.T, a robotic vacuum cleaner.

The idea for this installation was to engage the general public in my new body of work using a robot vacuum cleaner as a painting tool while providing a provocative and timely theme for the participatory aspect of the piece. Through the day the flow of paint was regulated, dripping from the medical bags, as spectators were invited to move the weighted letters around to either spell new words or to simply create obstacles for the robot to avoid while running its default cleaning programming.

Frondeur Install 1

Frondeur Install 2 Frondeur Install 3Frondeur Install 3bFrondeur Install 4

Frondeur Install 5Frondeur Install 8

Frondeur Install 7 Frondeur Install 6

Throughout the day on Saturday many spectators visited the installation and choose to interact in different ways including moving the letters and providing additional paint to the canvas.  At the end of the evening, around 8pm the installation was closed so that the robot vacuum could be cleaned and the canvas could begin to dry and take shape.

Frondeur - Complete

Frondeur – an interactive installation is on display at Pennington Custom Art Services from July 28th through August 11th.  Spectators can experience the rest of the artwork in the show, see the above hyperlaps next to the installation, and interact with the robot and the  spectator movement of the letters. Even though the painting process is done spectators can still interact with this new style of art making as well as rearrange the letters, take pictures, and share online.

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