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Frondeur – an interactive installation by Matt Swift – Opening July 28th 2018

Matt Swift brings cleaning robotics to the political art arena on July 28th.
Columbus, Ohio award winning artist and filmmaker, Matt Swift will debut his participatory technology driven painting installation on July 28th at Pennington Custom Art Services from 12pm to 8pm. The installation, Frondeur, will feature a robotic vacuum cleaner painting around the letters T.R.U.M.P. while paint drips from suspended medical bags. The artist is inviting audience members to rearrange the current president’s name to dictate where the robot paints, providing an opportunity to help make something beautiful out of physically interacting with T.R.U.M.P. The exhibition will also highlight local artists, such as Tom Hubbard, who are working with the concept of “human verses machine”. Various historical political works will round out the show and will be curated by Val Pennington and Todd Rector.


Matt Swift is a Columbus, Ohio filmmaker and artist who works with the arts and filmmaking communities by curating festivals, educating students at The Ohio State University, participating in local arts organizations, and creating artwork which has been recognized in exhibitions domestically and internationally. Much of Matt’s artwork focuses on a struggle between human-kind and external forces such as a specific space that must be traversed, a specific physical movement of the body restricted by disabilities, or in the case of Frondeur – the current politics of the United States of America and the current digital technology that is changing what it means to be a human and an artist.
FRONDEUR – A Political Rebel.
Come and join Matt Swift by participating in a cathartic real-time rebellion, by pushing around our current president, while robotic technology makes something beautiful from the multi-colored canvas that symbolizes our daily existence in this new
age of mediated populist culture.
Live participatory event
July 28 12pm – 8pm
*Display only until Aug. 11th
“Political” and “Digital Born”
works will also be on display.
Custom Art Services
3047 Indianola Ave Columbus, OH 43202

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