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World Wide Photowalk 2015 – New photos and video stills

For the past 3 years I have participated in the Kelby One World Wide Photowalk. Local filmmaker and photographer Nicolette ( Nikki ) Swift has organized and led those world wide photowalks. Typically on the first Saturday of October, Kelby One organizes a photowalk that members of locations all over the world can sign up for. This year the walk was on October 3rd and the location was the Sharonwoods Metro Park in Columbus, Ohio.

Unfortunately October 3rd was a pretty nasty day with rain off and on. Luckily a small group still came out to the walk and we managed to get a handful of really great shots. I was able to acquire a small set of photographs as well as several short videos to use for a new poetic landscape art video piece.

Here are some of the photos and video stills from the walk.


0915-DSC_0003jpg 0915-DSC_0007jpg

0915-DSC_0012jpg 0915-DSC_0022jpg

0915-DSC_0035jpg 0915-DSC_0039jpgBW

0915-DSC_0040jpg 0915-DSC_0056jpgBW


Waves 2 nested.00_02_46_10.Still001 Waves 2 nested.00_00_31_08.Still001

Swaying Tree Copy 01.00_01_32_19.Still001 Swaying Tree Copy 01.00_00_07_11.Still002

Flowing Glowing Weed 1.00_01_17_12.Still001 Flowing Glowing Weed 1 moving.00_02_17_23.Still003

Flowing Glowing Weed 1 moving.00_01_16_16.Still002 DSC_0049.00_02_11_02.Still002

DSC_0049.00_01_27_28.Still003 DSC_0049.00_00_07_10.Still001

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