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Mohican Forest – 64 Views at CMIAR 24

On September 25th The Columbus Moving Image Art Review 24 ( CMIAR ) showcased a handful of local Columbus, Ohio moving image art pieces. Part of this show was my newest experimental landscape that is part of the Emitting Velocity Series.

To give a brief explanation of the series: Emitting Velocity is a series of experimental landscapes videos that engage with both documentary landscapes and experimental editing practices top create moving image paintings that highlight specifically the movement of light in and through space.

Emitting Velocity – Mohican Forest – 64 Views features documentary footage of the Mohican State Forest in northern Ohio. The piece is composed of 64 videos of the forest compiled through specific editing techniques to amplify all 64 views at one time in a 3 minute moving image painting. Another element of this specific piece is the inclusion of a soundtrack I specifically designed, performed, recorded and edited for the piece. In other words every element of both the audio and visual content was created together.

Here are some stills as well as an excerpt from the piece without audio:

Sequence 03.00_00_51_22.Still002 Sequence 03.00_00_53_24.Still003 Sequence 03.00_01_49_14.Still009 Sequence 03.00_01_59_06.Still011 Sequence 03.00_02_42_07.Still018 Sequence 03.00_02_47_06.Still020

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