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All New Chicago Expanded Cinema Projection at Body Language

Not doing anything next Saturday Jan 10th. Come out to Body Language for a free dance party with live DJ sets. Also you can witness a brand new collaborative expanded cinema projection by Nicolette Swift and myself based entirely on the city of Chicago. Below are some stills from the almost 120 minute exploration of light, color, movement, shape, and space. This piece is featuring video footage from my City Lights Chicago as well as Nikki’s City Walks Chicago to provide a new engagement with the urban movement that makes up the windy city.

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Here are some stills from the upcoming projection experience.

10903995_10204352859394548_2648264545929669958_o 10903864_10204352837794008_1578183193527907199_o 10899976_10204352815993463_295715398360538788_o 10873017_10204352848234269_6846874850876022192_o 10865762_10204352858794533_1844358120081043474_o 10830626_10204352856314471_5624736383778868345_o 10583003_10204352816873485_2267888529064995325_o

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