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Souled World

Souled World: Personification in Small Artwork
Opening Reception: Saturday December 6, 2014 6-9 PM At The Oak Room Gallery.

Souled World, comprised of 13 artists with over 90 paintings, drawings, photographs and mixed-media pieces, was curated by Nicolette Swift, local video artist and photographer. Souled World will adorn the walls of the Oak Room throughout December in a perfect culmination with the holidays, inanimate and animate.

Souled World is a celebration of art about items that we, as humans, have personified. We often find that we place human qualities in other objects such as toys, animals, personal belongings or other inanimate objects to imbue them with a sense of personality. These objects are personified, engaging them with the world through a form of empathy. The imaginative process of personifying objects allows us to understand humanity’s place in the world. In a wonderful twist these works are not life sized but rather, small and intimate.

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