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Sphere camera

As I’m sure you’ve noticed from my CV I have an ongoing series of walking pieces based on the Gallup Wellbeing Index 2010. I’ve been using the Mini DV knockoff of the Muvi, but the battery power is so short that I can’t do a thorough walk of a city before the camera dies.  That’s why I decided to try the Sphere.  It has removable batteries that I can pre-charge the day before and get all my shooting done in one day.  I purchased the extra battery and the extra lenses – the geek in me really wanted to use the fisheye.  With 3 batteries the camera outlived my legs and worked great.  I loved the wide angle shots and the color was pretty impressive for such a small camera.  I was happy, that is until it hit the carpet in a CVS.  My fault really, the clip held really well and I believed it was built to take a small tumble.  But, the record button stopped functioning.  I took it apart to find that the solder broke.  I hope that a fresh connection will revive my camera, but I’m not holding my breath.  The next day I dropped my Mini DV (yes I know the name is confusing) and it lived to record another day.  If only I could make that battery bigger and attach my now useless micro-lenses.

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