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Bluetooth Audio

I love everything that the Frugal Filmmaker does.  He has great tips and links to others with great tips.  About a year ago he promoted the DSLR Film Noob‘s use of bluetooth for audio.  This is a computerless transmitter and receiver that just plugs into your audio source and outputs to your headphones (or anything really).  I finally took the plunge, not necessarily for the same reasons as Deejay.  I run a quarterly screening for video artists and some like to use different projectors and audio gear.  These adapters allow me to put the receiver into the system inputs at the front of the room and transmit from the projector at the back of the room.  The only downfall was that the transmitter is a bit touchy.  I’ll have to permanently attach it to an adapter in the right position.  For the price of $40 I really can’t complain about lessening the cable liability.

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