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Enter the Cloud

Today we had to transfer files too large for email. With gas prices the way they are it seemed ridiculous to drop off a disc so that the client could post on the web. So, we began cloud exploration. I was looking for free and easy and I came across several, but only tried two. The first was Microsoft’s SkyDrive. The limitations are its downfall, it can store 25GB and loads photos and documents up within minutes, but it will only accept files that are 50MB and under. Great for photos, but not for video or larger graphics. For those larger files I went with Memopal. It is slower to upload, but holds 3GB of whatever you please. If you pass it on to your friends they will give you each an extra 500MB of space. The only downfall to Memopal, other than speed, was it requires you to load software, which I was dreading it would to my client also. Nope, the link takes them directly to the file to download. While neither free version solves video delivery to contests, both get full copies of photos, graphics, and documents where I need them to go.

Update: The downfall to SkyDrive is that both users need a Live ID so it is not accessible to anyone that you send your link to.

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