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Swift Art Update

Currently I am in the throws of planning the next Columbus Moving Image Art Review, working as Production Lead for the Journal of Short Film as well as trying to make my own work.

Currently I have two projects perculating at the same time.

1. For over a year now I have been working on a project that explores the onslaught of media that is intended to make males understand what it is to be male and how certain portrayals of maleness in film and television blur these lines and make some men feel ashamed for being more feminine than the portrayals suggest. This is an ongoing piece that I have described as “Exploring the Male Game”.

2. I have also been inclined to investigate more structuralist cinema material using digital animation. Currently a project that is almost completed will explore the realm of optical art “Op Art” and how our eyes cannot always provide an accurate definition for what they are seeing. Should be interesting.

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