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A New Film and Teaser – Those Who Spring of Me

Nicolettecinemagraphics is proud to announce the start of production on a new film titled Those Who Spring of Me. It is being produced, co-wrote, directed, shot and edited by Nicolette Swift and Matt Swift, in partnership with Audrey Todd. This will be the first narrative feature created by the team at Nicolettecinemagraphics. We are very excited to continue production over the coming months in Columbus, Ohio shooting in the neighborhoods of Glen Echo, SoHud, OSU Campus, and Clintonville.

Those Who Spring of Me is a feature length narrative film exploring the coming of age of a non-verbal autistic male and his girlfriend who is also autistic. The film focuses specifically on the desire to get married and have a child. A large part of the story will juxtapose the small dramatic moments of family life with an offspring that can only communicate through actions and assistive technology with the realization that there is no stronger form of communication than acts of love, the binding of two people in a relationship, and the creation of new life.

As of this post we are proud to release the official teaser for Those Who Spring of Me. This teaser is also slated to serve as the opening of the film. The teaser was shot in the neighborhood of Glen Echo in Columbus, Ohio and has received many great responses from the community. You can follow the film on facebook or visit the films website. #cbusmakesfilm #autismfilm

New Film Teaser

Cast and Crew

Starring – Pj Gilmore, Kelsea Cherry, Audrey Todd, Scott Bogner, and Aaron Michael Lopez
Original Concept by Audrey Todd
Directed by Nicolette Swift, and Matt Swift
Production Assistance by Emily Gabrelcik
Music by Bella Ruse
This film is made possible by funding from the Ohio Arts CouncilVSA Ohio, The Greater Columbus Arts Council, and Food for Good Thought.

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