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Live Performance – Emitting Velocity – Burning Tree at CMIAR 25

Part of my body of work as a moving image artist is the exhibition of projection performances. These can take many different forms which could include 16mm projection, digital projection, prerecorded audio, live audio, spoken word, and live musical accompaniment.
At the Columbus Moving Image Art Review’s 25th show I ended the screening event with a new live performance piece which featured a moving image painting, prerecorded music, live playing of a singing bowl, a spoken word performance and a specific costume choice.

Emitting Velocity – Burning Tree – 32 Views is a moving image painting with live performance which juxtaposes a screen displaying abstracted layers of video documenting a single tree changing from green to yellow and then red, layered 32 times along with a musical and spoken word performance focused on the concept of orderly chaos which is part of every choice we make as human beings and comes from studies of the Buddhist concept of the mandala.

As this was part of a larger show it was not possible to get detailed documentation of the performance but below is a simple single camera documentation of the piece in it’s entirety.

[vimeo 163571463 w=640 h=360]

Emitting Velocity – Burning Tree – Live Performance at CMIAR 25 from Matt Swift on Vimeo.

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