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New Work at EASE GALLERY – The Box or: how i learned my memories

Debuting February 26th from 7-9pm and then continuing to show through April at Ease Gallery, is a new moving image work that I created as part of a five month long collaboration project.

The piece, The Box or: how i learned my memories, is a 14 minute experimental narrative piece that utilizes 35mm, digital video, and digital audio recordings to be displayed on a single channel display along with a sound dome.

The Box or: how I learned my memories

Human beings have a box within that contains the power to travel through time. The box can show the past, present, and future. The box contains all the people, places, and pieces of existence. As the box travels through time it collects everything it can until it is full and can travel no more. When the journey is over, the box opens up showing the immortality that comes from shared experiences.  The box is then exposed to the winds of change; releasing all that was once held so tightly inside, hoping another box in some place, in some time will contain a singular shared experience that can live on forever.

The piece features audio, text and artworks from my collaboration with writer Karl Stevens, and designer, Julie Jent. Featured in the film is Nicolette Swift and Matt Yoho.

The Game Show

E.A.S.E. is a nonprofit gallery dedicated to providing an inclusive space for artists to experiment, explore, and engage with the public through exhibitions, educational programming, and more.

We invited artists, poets, philosophers, teachers, and thinkers to come together over a shared meal, form groups and create a game out of collaboration. The Game Show is the fruit of these labors where process and play produce product. Come to the show. Play the game. Take a book.

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Visit facebook to stay up to date on the opening.

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