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Continuum Plays at the IFPA in Copenhagen

Most people know me for my artwork and moving image pieces. Only some know that I have been an avid player of sports such as footbag, jianzi, and takraw for many years. All of these sports involve juggling an object with your feet.

Last year while filming Slow Ascent at Thornhaven Manor, I could not pass up the chance to shoot a short of me playing these three different sports int he middle of this amazing forgotten dilapidated house. The piece much like Slow Ascent is about a person stuck in an endless cycle of playing various foot juggling sports, trapped in this house on a loop.

Recently the short film was screened at the International Footbag Players’ Associations 2015 annual competition in Copenhagen, Denmark. The competition has a video festival associated with the week long set of competitions between the best in footbag from all over the world.

It was an honor to have all of these world renowned players see my film as part of such an amazing gathering of talent and skill.

[vimeo 134944210 w=500 h=281]

Continuum from Nicolettecinemagraphics on Vimeo.

Continuum – “a range or series of things that are slightly different from each other and that exist between two different possibilities” (Merriam Webster) In this instance a man is trapped in an endless cycle of juggling various objects with his feet such as a footbag, jianzi, and takraw. The cycle is ever changing but never ending.

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