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Two New Pieces Debut by Matt Swift at CMIAR 22 – City Lights Cincinnati and Painting Sometimes Permitted

This Friday March 13th at 8pm I will have two new pieces debuting at The Columbus Moving Image Art Review 22.

City Lights – Cincinnati is a continuation of my experimental video landscape series. This particular piece is unique in the series as it is composed using a 360 degree tracking shot over a 60 minute period that captures the entire Cincinnati/Newport Skylines. The piece also works as a loop by circling back on itself 32 times both in linear time and in the compositional space. Here are a few stills.

CityLights-Cinci.Still001 CityLights-Cinci.Still002 CityLights-Cinci.Still003

Also, Debuting at CMIAR is a new projection performance piece entitled Painting Sometimes Permitted. The piece is inspired by and contains the poem of the same title by Robert Herrick. The piece itself explores the process of trying to create colorful imagery when the season of winter provides you with mostly white landscapes. The end result will encompass 3 separate projects; digital video with text and sound, a digitized 16mm film painting, and a 16mm painting. Here are a few stills from the main video. You will have to show up to the show to see the 16mm painting.

PSP.Still001 PSP.Still002 PSP.Still003

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