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GoPro and its Additions Pt 1

I’ve had my GoPro since November and I’ve struggled with what to write. I mean it is a GoPro – what is there left to write. Within the first day of owning it I submerged it and chased my fish around his tank. That worked, as I expected. I attached it to my scooter with an Electra handlebar mount (I only purchased the tripod adapter). At some point Matt even put it on his head and recorded his hacky sacking. It is a GoPro – that’s what it does, and these are things you do with it. I did struggle with trying to use it for my walking pieces. The open back did allow me to thread my leg/arm strap through it sideways. But that is sideways and I don’t want to have vertical video syndrome. I wanted full, uncropped resolution. Which is what I’d have to resort to if I did settle for that atrocity. Then I found the headstrap (thus the a fore mentioned hacky sack video). Oh, the headstrap! Maybe a few tweaks and… GoPro read my mind, as they seem to do, and made the strap 100% detachable – probably for the sake of head sweat and not for attaching it to my arm. The empty plate allows me to feed my strap into the slots and position my camera horizontally to my subject o movement. Magic! I have an instant leg/arm cam. We will see how well it actually works once I start walking again.

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