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Laptop Battery

A few weeks ago I started noticing that my good ole Gateway laptop just wasn’t holding a charge like it should. Maybe it had been going on longer and I was in denial, it really didn’t hold much power to begin with. I decided I wanted something bigger if I had to purchase a new battery for an old laptop. Rich Battery had a 10400mah 12 cell battery for not much more than a replacement. The original battery was 4400mah 6 cell battery. The goal was to get my computer to last through a 2.5 hour movie – at least. That was the major downfall to this laptop – the luxuries of a bluray player and HDMI port, but the power wouldn’t make it through a short movie. I ordered my new battery on a Sunday and had it by Wednesday; no rush service, just standard – simple and fast.

It had a 50% charge and was ready to use in no time. The battery will last for about 3 hours, although I have not needed to run it that low yet. The battery is bigger in size and gives the back of my computer an inch lift. This gives a slight angle to my computer and it allows increased airflow under and around it. The only downfall is that the battery does not extend across the whole back of the machine, which could cause an imbalance when typing, but it does not seem to be that big of a deal.

Thanks Rich Battery for the quick service and the good product!

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