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Tilt Shift

I like to tinker, if you couldn’t tell. So when I saw the intro to Sherlock I wanted to replicate it. You can either buy a very expensive lens with fancy knobs or you can replicate it in After Effects. I am not so apt at After Effects that I want to make masks and blur areas that I select. If poorly executed it looks kind of stupid. From the samples that I found that were flawed I can see two major things that will help make it believable. The first is the angle; you cannot be on level with the subject and expect it to look right. The second is the lens; you want your lens to be fairly wide. With these considerations I figured I could not get it right and kind of set the idea aside. Then I discovered that my Nikon d5100 has a miniaturize feature. I tested it from a campus parking garage and have linked the video below. I was pretty pleased with the result of the camera doing the blurring for me.

High Street Miniature test from Nicolette Swift on Vimeo.

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