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VJ Software Exploration

We have been on a quest for VJ software and were not having much luck. Our first two attempts have left us with software that was really meant for supplying DJs with some video features.  Virtual DJ only lets you have two streams that you can use unless you use their multi effect.  That will allow you to toggle between many source videos, but will not allow you to apply any other effects or to transition.  Our second test was with Club DJ Pro.  Again only two sources, but this had a set of effect videos that you can also toggle between.  Both of these two are audio heavy and did not allow for much free form VJ capabilities.  I think the problem is really in our keywords in Google.  The search was for “video dj software” but what we really want is VJ software.  That led us to Resolume Avenue, which has 4 different tracks that can be loaded with your own videos.  Each track has 3 color effects settings that can be toggled between.  Some preset motion graphics are supplied and there is also room to enter your own video.  Hot keys can be set for quick mixing.  This is a very robust software and will take more than an initial glance to learn the extent of its assets.  At this time I believe we have found something that maybe suitable for our tinkering in the realm of VJing and we will definitely put Avenue through its paces.

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