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Emerson HD 5MP Camcorder Review

I recently bought the Emerson HD 5MP camera because it was cheap. I mean that really is the reason. It was HD and cheap. I needed a camera that I could give an actor. It needed to be something that wouldn’t cause tears if he dropped it in the middle of a river. So for $25 from Big Lots I figured it was worth a try. The image is actually not too bad, but it does tend to drop frames. This will cause an audio sync issue after about 1 minute into recording. This is easy to fix in post, but you have to either use their software or Moviemaker. Premiere will not handle the files. Low light handling is noisy, but it does give you an image if you absolutely have to shoot with it. There is an on camera light, but you have to be super close to notice the difference. The most positive feature was the removable battery and if it were a better camera I’d praise this feature even more.
In all it is not a great camera, but if you are willing to fix sync in post and you want something that your child or crazy actor can mess around with, this may just be the camera for you.

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