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Not So Painful Film Festival Tonight at 8PM

The Not Painful Film Festival

Saturday, September 25 · 8:00pm – 10:00pm  – Gateway Film Center

Columbus, OH— What’s better than a sharp stick in the eye? This showcase of experimental shorts by some of Columbus’ best emerging talent plus some of their friends and favorites, plus live musical interludes by keyboardist Scott Steelman in the spirit of classic movie house presentations. Co-presented by ARTillery Ohio and the Ohio State Film Studies Program.

See the full program list below.

Interlude 8- 8:30
Improvised pleasant music by Scott Steelman
Screening Schedule
You’re A Gem!
Marina Goldshteyn
Digital, Sound, 4:18, 2010
Music by Dj Moxy
Memory One
Bill Newsinger
Digital, Sound, 3:18 min, 2010
Spring 2010. A collection of recent clips held together with a bit of ukulele picking and my mellotron sampler. All things sweet.
Night Oak
Ross Meckfessel
16mm, Silent,4 min.
Ordinary everyday images are layered on top of one another dissipating into light, color and texture, portraying the internal landscape of loneliness and grief. A portrait of the world as unforgiving, the forest as destroyer, and the home as prison; the film intends to provoke both a sense of horror and wonder in the mundane.
Pancakes for Dad
Stacie Sells
8mm and Digital, Sound, 4 min, 2009
Something as simple as a pancake breakfast with dad becomes a surreal childhood experience to be cherished and remembered. Becoming intertwined with the milk and the batter, binding and sticking together, left its effects on the relationship with me and my dad- ever lasting and yummy!
Don’t Look Directly into the Sun
Kathy Rugh
16mm, B&W toned, Sound, 9min, 2010
Sunlight is abstracted and accentuated through alchemy. Through a pinhole lens, then hand-processed and toned, this film chases sunlight through its reflections in water and glass and streaming through branches and clouds.
Intermission 15 min
Improvised pleasant music by Scott Steelman
Inside Out/Side One
Matt Meindl
8mm and Digital, Sound, 5 min
A homemade amalgam packed with hearty nostolgia chunks. Parts of a complete remembrance.
Mild People In Aggressive Tshirts
Lyn Elliot
Digital, Sound, 4 min
Hostile bravado meets everyday life.
Stay Close
True Panther
Digital, Sound, 4:33
Music by Delorean
Strawberry Jam Session
Jenn Deafenbaugh
Digital, Sound, 2009
Strawberry Jam Session is a super short time-lapse experiment in making strawberry jam. My grandmothers have always made preserves of different sorts. This piece is dedicated to the memories of growing up with these amazing women. They grew and canned their own food — and taught us more than we ever would have learned in preschool.
Night Birds
16mm, 35mm Stills, Digital Video, Improvised Sound
An Improvised video and sound installation by Kevin Van Scoder, Matt Swift, Stacie Sells and music by Scott Steelman
Improvised pleasant music by Scott Steelman
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