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Feature Autism Film in Columbus – Those Who Spring of Me – GOFUNDME

Those Who Spring of Me, a feature film in Columbus, is an independent feature film about a young non-verbal man with autism, Will, and his girlfriend, Tatum, who also has autism. Will and Tatum met on the job, and Will communicates through typing on a voice output device. Will and Tatum announce to his parents that they want to conceive a child together—they also ask for permission and assistance when the child is born. 

Feature Autism Film in Columbus - Those Who Spring of Me GOFUNDME
Feature Autism Film in Columbus – Those Who Spring of Me

At this point in time, Those Who Spring of Me has completed physical production. The goal of this campaign is to raise funds for the post-production phase of the film as well as for possible avenues of exhibition. This may include:

Primary Editing of the Film
Sound Mixing
Promotional Upgrade
Festival Entries

Feature Autism Film in Columbus - Those Who Spring of Me still image of cast

We understand that not everyone can help with financial support. If you would like to support our project in other ways you can do so in two (2) ways. 
First, you can visit  and sign up for our email list so we can keep you informed of our progress. Second, you can follow us on social media and post  about our project to your own channels on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtags #autismfilm #thosewhospringofme

We are on to the post production phase of Those Who Spring of Me. Visit our GOFUNDME to learn more and contribute to bringing this local Columbus autism film to life for a release date of Fall 2020. A special thanks goes out to our production supporters Greater Columbus Arts CouncilArt Possible Ohio the Ohio Arts CouncilNicolettecinemagraphics, and individuals such as: Alicia Jean Vanderelli, Danny Lee Beane, KatthyBorkowski, Angela Bogner, Libby Craig, Sheli Dyan Cherry, Helene Harte, George Henry, Cindy Gilmore, Mike and Teresa McCabe, Olga McReady, Jill Medley, Tim and Mary Beth Moore, Rebecca Morton, and others.

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Film Production Stills from Columbus, Ohio

In this blog post we will feature some Those Who Spring of Me film production stills from locations throughout Glen Echo in Columbus, Ohio. We have had to take a small break from production as we set up our next phase for indoor shots, classroom scenes, and much more. In the mean time enjoy the stills from scenes shot in September and October.


This still is from day 2 featuring Audrey Todd as Sybil coming home to find the house decorated with several art projects created by her son Will.


A documentary pic of Co-Director Nicolette Swift, Production Assistant Emily Gabrelcik and our two stars – PJ Gilmore, Kelsea Cherry – just before they walk into Glen Echo Ravine.


Another doc pic featuring ore they walk into PJ and Kelsea as they receive hands-on-direction from Co-Director Matt Swift.


Here we see the whole crew walking back to base camp to have lunch

We hope you enjoy these pictures. We are working hard on the set of scenes and will have more photos to share soon.


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Those Who Spring of Me Official Teaser

Those Who Spring of Me has officially released a teaser for the film that will most likely serve as the opening credit sequence.
Those Who Spring of Me is a Columbus, Ohio feature film project still in production.

We are looking to shoot much of the film through the month of October and have news updates several times within the coming weeks.

As seen in the teaser:

Starring – Pj Gilmore, Kelsea Cherry
Original Concept by Audrey Todd
Directed by Nicolette Swift, Matt Swift
Production Assistance by Emily Gabrelcik
Music by Bella Ruse
This film is made possible by funding from the Ohio Arts Council, VSA Ohio, The Greater Columbus Arts Council, Food for Good Thought and Nicolettecinemagraphics

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Starting New Production and Thanking Sponsors

Those Who Spring of Me is about to head into the second phase of production through the month of October. We could not have made it this far without all the fabulous support, time, labor, and grants from the following entities.
Greater Columbus Arts Council
VSA Ohio
Ohio Arts Council
Food for Good Thought
And individuals such as:
Kathy Borkowski, Angela Bogner, Libby Craig, Sheli Dyan, Helene Harte, George Henry, Cindy Gilmore, Mike and Teresa McCable, Olga McReady, Jill Medley, Tim and Mary Beth Moore, and Rebecca Morton.
Check out the social page to follow us with your favorite apps.

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