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My Typewriter

Short Poetic film by Nicolettecinemagraphics’ Matt Swift exploring the anxiety of a new creative technology and the pitfalls that occur when creativity becomes too easy and possibly leads to the need for other vices. The piece uses Edward Dyson’s 1917 poem My    Typewriter as its point of departure to highlight in an age where typewriters are no  longer seen as a convenience at one point in time they created the same anxieties we  have in the 21st century with the over dependence on computers.
My Typewriter was  awarded the GCAC Award at the Ohio State Fair 2014 Fine Arts Exhibition

Director of Photography, Sound Recording, and Editor – Matt Swift
Assistant Director of Photography – Nicolette Swift
Voice Over – Matt Yoho

Watch My Typewriter on Vimeo

My Typewriter from Matt Swift on Vimeo.