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Exploration, Experimentation, Exploration, Explanation! Works by Nikki and Matt Swift

Local Video Artists Celebrate a 20 year Journey as Artist and Partners at The Vanderelli Room

Exploration, Experimentation, Exploration, Explanation!

Works by Nikki and Matt Swift
January 10th
6pm -10pm

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For the past 20 years Nikki and Matt Swift have been exploring and experimenting with multiple forms of seeing the world. On January 10, 2020 Exploration, Experimentation, Exploration, Explanation!  brings together Nikki and Matt’s journey through the personal and the abstract to explain what it means to share a life that attempts to explain human connections with each other and the world through moving image art.

Nikki and Matt Swift are Columbus, Ohio artists and filmmakers who produce works in almost every area of media production from digital installations to documentary, art, and narrative films. Together they own and operate Nicolettecinemagraphics, an art-based media production company that provides services to non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and the general Columbus, Ohio community. They both individually received GCAC Media Arts Fellowship in 2014 for their work in moving-image art. 

Exploration, Experimentation, Exploration, Explanation! Will feature several media driven and print works. Entering the space, visitors will be greeted by a new single display work by Matt Swift titled Out of Darkness Into Light. Continuing through The Vanderelli Room, Nikki Swift will be debuting a newly created multi-display sculpture made of discarded cell phones and mobile devices collected from the local community for several years. The main gallery space will showcase a screening room with a small retrospective of 20 years of work by the artists, a four display installation combining both Nikki and Matt’s independent works on space and movement City Walks and Pathways, and several print works from video stills, 35mm and 120mm photography, self-portraits, landscapes, and many of the other works the Swifts have created over the years.

Special thanks to the Greater Columbus Arts Council and their Artist in the Community Resources Grant program for providing funds for this show.

For more information about the show, the artists or The Vanderelli Room please contact AJ Vanderelli at 218 McDowell Street, Columbus, OH 43215, 614.403.4689 –

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