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Player Piano – Video Installation at The Vanderelli Room and Pearl Conard Gallery

Friday Feb. 8th a new video installation piece by my partner Nikki ( Nicolette)  Swift and Matt Swift will debut in Columbus at Let There Be Light: Curated by Aj Vanderelli.

Player Piano was previously installed at the Pearl Conard Gallery in Mansfield, Ohio on The Ohio State University Mansfield Campus.  You can watch a few videos about that installation at the following links. Installation Hyperlapse on youtube, Completed Installation Video on vimeo.

Player Piano
Dual Projector Mixed Media Installation
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Installation Images at The Vanderelli Room





Installation Images at The Pearl Conard Gallery








Player Piano is a dual projector dual screen mixed media installation. The piece brings together Alan Watts’ and other theorists’ concepts of past, present, and future with conversations about “Binary Thinking”, hypotheses concerning a digital future’s impact on nature, and the role of education’s responsibility to make well rounded citizens and shepherds of the world. When entering the space the viewer encounters the present with rays of light shining through from two directions representing data from player piano reels – an early mechanical art form based on a binary system. The viewer is then presented with a binary choice of left or right. One choice places the spectator into the past showcasing what is on or visible – the cult of personality that dominates our recent past totalitarian dictatorial icons. The other choice places the spectator in the future showcasing what is off or not visible in three parts – nature, how our electronically driven initiatives might make that nature deteriorate quickly, and human frustration with the waist created by an electronically driven world.




Let there be light: Curated by Aj Vanderelli

“We are not here to curse the darkness, but to light the candle that can guide us thru that darkness to a safe and sane future.” John F Kennedy

“Let there be light”, is an exhibition of Illuminated works. Artists confront light through creating works that emit, reflect, or through a specific theme of light.

Opening Reception

Friday February 8th,  7-10pm

Show Dates

Feb 8th – February 22nd

 Let There Be Light Light: Curated by Aj Vanderelli brings together the best of local Columbus artists of all mediums working with light either as a subject of their work or as the medium. The show features over 15 artists including installation work by Dana Lynn Harper, Nikki and Matt Swift, paintings by April Sunami, Michael Bush, Lisa MCcLymount, and sculptures by Darren Thompson and Jimbo Tamoro. Come join us for the opening reception to explore light in all its splendor and glory Friday February 8th from 7-10 at the Vanderelli Room in the Franklinton District.

The Vanderelli Room

218 McDowell Street – Columbus, OH 43215 – 614.403.4689

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