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Nicolettecinemagraphics Collaborative Live Performance Video Production – Debuting June 3rd at Frequency Fridays with Truus de Groot

Dreams through the Trees

On Friday June 3rd Nicolette and Matt Swift will be debuting a new short film and live performance video production as a collaboration with Californian Experimental musician Truus de Groot at Frequency Fridays.
The show will take place at It Looks Like It’s Open13 E Tulane Rd. in Columbus, Ohio starting around 8pm.
Frequency Fridays is a monthly event created by The Fuse Factory and supported by grants from the Greater Columbus Arts Council.
The collaborative performance is part of a longer show featuring several artists who will be performing their own original experimental music.
You can read more and stay up to date on the event on facebook.

The new work presented by Nicolette and Matt Swift, to accompany Truus de Groots musical performance, has been a work in progress for a few years. The piece contains three different types of moving image capturing methods: hand cranked 35 mm film, HD video, and endoscopy camera footage. The concept for the piece was developed originally through a poem written by Matt Swift in 2014 titled The Trees. The poem tackles the idea of how a place holds on to the memories of someone lost. In this instance, in a small forested area in the Northern Ohio farmland, lives the memories of a young woman in white frolicking through the forest, exploring the creek beds and admiring the trees as they blow in the wind.

While working with Truus de Groot over the past several months the piece has taken on a surrealist dreamlike quality that sways back and forth from a relaxing view of nature and joyous chase through the woods to a much more viscerally uncanny feeling of anxiety about both the viewers and the young lady’s presence in the woods. The end result is the stuff of conflicted dreams that taps into the emotional centers controlling both joy and longing.

Check back later for a documentation of the performance and film. In the mean time here are a few stills from the piece titled Dreams through the Trees and a teaser trailer for the show which features some of the images and music from the project.

Dreams Through the Trees – Live Performance Video Production

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